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Anaesthesia Perioperative Care

Minimum Standards for Safe Procedural Sedation

Aim: To support the safe provision of procedural sedation (in non-operating-theatre settings) across NSW public hospitals, ensuring all clinicians who provide sedation have the necessary skills, and access to appropriate training/resources.

Benefits: A consistent approach for procedural sedation across NSW, Local Health Districts (LHDs) and hospitals; Appropriate skills and training for all clinicians who provide or support sedation; Adequate support and resources for all sedation sites; Address unwarranted clinical variation to prevent adverse events and poor patient-outcomes; Improved experience for patients through effective sedation use.

ACI Ready to Implement Added: 11 November 2013|Last updated: 21 August 2015

Fascia Iliaca Blocks for older people with hip fracture

Aim: To develop a toolkit of resources facilitating Fascia Ilaica Block (FIB) as a method of pain management in hip fracture.

Benefits: To assist in the practical application of effective pain management as referred to in the Minimum Standards for Hip Fracture; To reduce the harm arising from overuse of opiate medications; To provide a method of implementing application of the procedure.

ACI Ready to Implement Added: 9 November 2015|Last updated: 9 November 2015

NSW Standardised Pain Charts (adult)

Aim: Development and implementation of statewide charts to be used at the bedside when delivering Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA), ketamine infusions and neuraxial opioid administration. To standardise practice and reduce error relating to documentation, monitoring and prescription across NSW.

Benefits: Benefits include improved safety and quality of care for patients.

ACI Ready to Implement Added: 7 November 2013|Last updated: 15 December 2014

Special Committee Investigating Deaths Under Anaesthesia

Aim: To improve the quality and safety of anaesthetic administration in NSW. To reduce anaesthesia-related mortality in NSW.

Benefits: SCIDUA looks for errors of management in the administration of anaesthesia and/or sedation. The committee also monitors anaesthetic outcomes and identify emerging trends that are associated with changes in anaesthetic, surgical and medical interventions over time. Lessons are identified and shared to facilitate improvements.

CEC Ready to Implement Added: 30 October 2013|Last updated: 30 May 2014

Pre Procedure Preparation / Perioperative Toolkit

Aim: To review the NSW Health Guideline: Pre-Procedure Preparation Toolkit.

Benefits: To review the existing toolkit to ensure it supports best practice for pre procedure care for patients undergoing surgery or a procedure.The existing toolkit was developed in 2007 by a working group of the Surgical Services Taskforce. The Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network, in collaboration with the Surgical Services Taskforce, is currently reviewing the document. As part of the review process, work has also being undertaken to include information specific to Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander people in the toolkit.

ACI Pre-implementation Added: 11 November 2013|Last updated: 11 August 2015

Supervision for Safety

Aim: It is proposed that the Supervision for Safety project address NSW Health system deficiencies related to supervision at the point of clinical care. Specifically related to ensuring patient care plans are appropriate and deterioration in patient condition is escalated to the most appropriate level.

Benefits: The Supervision project aims to ensure the appropriate support is provided to less experienced clinicians.The expected project outcomes include:Supervision of the clinical workforce is built into core work practices; Supervision is structured to allow clinicians to be trained without compromising patient care; Supervision provided by clinicians at the point of care is appropriate for the level of expertise of the clinicians involved; Practices are in place to establish the level of expertise of less experienced staff; Supervision is treated as...

CEC Pre-implementation Added: 2 June 2014|Last updated: 2 June 2014

NSW Pain Clinic Referral Form and Process

Aim: To provide a consistent method when making a referral from primary care to a tertiary pain service, irrespective of where the service is located.

Benefits: All services will have the same triage criteria and process for accepting patients from primary care.

ACI Ready to Implement Added: 7 November 2013|Last updated: 17 November 2014

Assistants to the Anaesthetist

Aim: During an episode of anaesthesia, the anaesthetist must be assisted by another appropriately trained person, in order to ensure the safety and quality of care for patients. Therefore, the Network established a working group to identify the skills that are necessary for an assistant to the anaesthetist.

Benefits: Standardising education and training requirements for the anaesthetic assistant; Ensuring safe and efficient anaesthesia; Ensuring anaesthetic assistants are provided with the appropriate skills and training.

ACI Future Initiative Added: 27 March 2014|Last updated: 21 August 2015

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