ACI Building Co-design Capability Strategy


The Strategy aims to build capability in patient experience and co-design thinking, methods and practices within the ACI and across NSW Health by employing a learn, do, teach, share approach.


  • Delivering more person-centred and sustained health care improvement as a result of working in partnership with consumers, carers and health care workers.
  • Stronger relationships and enhanced communication between consumers, carers and health care workers.
  • Improved health literacy.


Consumer engagement in health care improvement in NSW occurs along a continuum. Co-design involves deeper and sustained engagement of consumers across health care improvement processes and the life course. It brings consumers, carers and health care workers together to improve health services. Giving people an equal voice as active partners in health care improvement leads to better outcomes for all.

The ACI Building Co-design Capability Strategy has been developed in relation to Strategic Initiative 12 in the 2015–2018 ACI Strategic Plan: Implement a model for consumer co-design. It is being led by the ACI Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement team in partnership with ACI Networks, the Implementation team and the Health Economics and Evaluation team.

The Strategy is multi-pronged encompassing a learn, do, teach, share approach to support ACI and NSW Health services to understand and apply co-design thinking, methods and tools to health care improvement activities.

The Strategy encompasses the following elements:

  • Learning about co-design and receiving monthly online coaching from an international expert, Dr Lynne Maher, Director of Innovation and Improvement, Ko Awatea.
  • Partnering with ACI Networks, Institutes and Taskforces and LHD Health services to undertake a co-design project in partnership with consumers, carers and health care workers.
  • Supporting the development of co-design leaders to train others in co-design.
  • Developing resources and tools and a community of practice to promote and share the co-design approach and learnings from implementation.

The ACI is currently supporting the following 5 co-design projects:

  • BMT Long-Term Follow Up: developing principles to inform the long-term follow-up of people with bone marrow transplant
  • Day Hospital Rehabilitation: improving the Rankin Park Day Rehabilitation Program in Hunter New England LHD
  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation: designing information for patients in acute care about the brain injury rehabilitation program.
  • Murrumbidgee Mental Health Model of Care: developing a new model of care for the specialist adult community mental health service in LHD.
  • Young People with Urinary Incontinence project: developing a Framework and pathway to improve care for young people with urinary incontinence in NSW.



  • Hunter New England LHD
  • Murrumbidgee LHD
  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

Key Dates

By 31 December 2016, the Co-design Capability Strategy aims to have achieved the following milestones:

  • 240 people have completed a Master Class: Transforming patients experience through co-design
  • 30 people have been actively involved in leading a co-design project
  • Collective of seven co-design local leaders
  • Strengthened partnerships between ACI, Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks with the roll out of at least six co-design projects
  • ACI principles developed to guide co-design work
  • Facilitation guide and online toolkit developed using co-design methodology
  • Established Communities of Practice
  • Knowledge sharing event.

Pilot Sites

  • Rankin Park Day Hospital, Hunter New England LHD, May 2016
  • Murrumbidgee Community Mental Health team, Murrumbidgee LHD, August 2016
  • Westmead Children’s Hospital, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, January 2016

Implementation Sites


The ACI Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement team in partnership with the ACI Health Economics and Evaluation team will undertake a formative evaluation of the Strategy.

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