ACI Innovation Awards


ACI Innovation Awards were introduced at the seven rural Local Health District Quality Awards 2014, and at the HETI Statewide Rural Health and Research Congress to recognise and reward innovation and capture models of care which have potential for broader implementation across other health sectors. Selection Criteria include:

  • Improved patient outcome and experience for hard to reach population groups
  • Resourcefulness and creativity utilising existing resources
  • Inclusive partnerships which increase access to services
  • Transferability or system-wide potential


Winning projects are loaded onto the new ACI Innovation Exchange, replacing Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovation (ARCHI) as a one-stop-shop for health service providers to share lessons learned and resources.


ACI are keen to promote the role of the clinical networks and Taskforces, and engage actively with consumers and rural health service providers in promoting the benefits of clinical redesign and innovative practice on patient health outcomes.

1) The LHD Quality Awards ACI Innovation Award is one trophy / framed certificate per LHD for the finalist team which have gone the extra mile and created an innovative and original project which has embedded the change and has demonstrable potential for transferability and clinical / system outcomes.

Nominations and selections for the award are undertaken at the discretion of the LHD, and incorporated within existing judging processes currently utilized and driven by each LHD.

The ACI award is included on the program in addition to the NSW Health Categories the presentation of the award (trophy or certificate) is included on the Awards Ceremony per LHD.

2) The four Rural Health and Research Congress ACI Innovation Award are presented for:

  • Best small facility / MPS
  • Connecting Primary Care / Integrated Care
  • Most creative and Innovative
  • Most transferable / system-wide potential

In return, all ACI Innovation Award winners agree to presenting their work at a larger event outside the LHD – possibly either the ACI Rural Innovations Changing Healthcare (RICH) in March, or the HETI Rural Health and Research Congress in September to showcase their initiative on a statewide platform. 


List of all ACI Innovation Award winners 2014 can be viewed at:


Local Health Districts

  • Illawarra - Shoalhaven
  • Hunter New England Rural
  • North Coast NSW
  • Southern NSW
  • Western NSW
  • Murrumbidgee
  • Far West NSW


  • CEC
  • HETI
  • NSW Kids and Families

Key Dates

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites


Related Initiatives

Projects presented are forwarded to ACI Innovation Exchange as a one-stop-shop to share lessons learned across the state.

Further Details

Photos and Reports can be viewed at: 


Jenny Preece
Rural Health Network Manager
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Raj Verma
Director, Clinical Program Design and Implementation
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Jenny Preece
Rural Health Network Manager
02 6692 7716