Diet Specifications for Adult Inpatients


To provide detailed specifications for a range of therapeutic diets for adults in NSW public hospitals.


The specifications provide an evidence-based guide on food and nutrition for adult inpatients in hospital. 


The Diet Specifications contain more than 100 diets for use in hospitals. Examples include high energy/high protein, gluten-free, post-bariatric surgery, lactose-free, etc.

They describe the foods that are allowed/not allowed for each diet and provide relevant nutrient targets for each main-meal component. This latter point is relevant to diets requiring quantitative nutrient levels.

Dietitians and food service professionals use these Diet Specifications when planning meals and menus. They are not a patient education tool and are focused on food provided in hospitals.

The Diet Specifications support the NSW  Health policy directive for Nutrition Care (PD2011_78).


Professor Peter Williams developed the original Therapeutic Diet Specifications (2011) under the guidance of a multidisciplinary reference group, as part of the ACI Nutrition Network.

The Diet Specifications apply to all NSW hospitals.


  • NSW Health Nutrition and Food Committee
  • HealthShare NSW

Key Dates

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites


The ACI Nutrition Standards and Therapeutic Diet Specifications Reference Group was established in 2012.

This group will oversee the review and revision process. Evaluation will include:

  • Compliance of menus to the Specifications
  • Patient/consumer satisfaction
  • Feedback from clinicians
  • Clinical currency

Further Details

Relevant documents are available on the ACI website:

Feedback on the Nutrition Standards can be submitted via the ACI website.


Tanya Hazlewood
Network Manager - Nutrition
9464 4635

Chris Shipway
Director, Primary Care and Chronic Services
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Tanya Hazlewood
Network Manager - Nutrition
9464 4635