Parenteral Nutrition Factsheet


To provide introductory information about parenteral nutrition for patients and their carers. Parenteral nutrition is a specialised nutrition solution delivered directly into the bloodstream.


Improved information for consumers accessing parenteral nutrition. 


The factsheet provides introductory information on parenteral nutrition and encourages patients and carers to communicate openly with staff, to ask questions and to actively participate in their care.


Parenteral nutrition is a life-sustaining therapy that can be confronting for patients and their carers. The ACI Nutrition and Gastroenterology Networks have developed best-practice guidelines for the use of parenteral nutrition in hospitals.

A working group - consisting of consumer group representatives and clinical experts - was formed to develop related consumer resources. Chaired by a consumer, the group created a factsheet to provide introductory information for patients who are about to commence parenteral nutrition and for their carers.


Key Dates

Pilot Sites

South Eastern Sydney Local Health DistrictPrince of Wales Hospital
South Western Sydney Local Health DistrictBankstown Lidcombe Hospital
Sydney Children's Hospital NetworkThe Children's Hospital at Westmead
Western NSW Local Health DistrictDubbo Base Hospital

Implementation Sites


The factsheet will be reviewed in 2016 to ensure it includes up-to-date information and advice. Evaluation will include feedback from clinicians and consumers.

Related Initiatives

Further Details

The factsheet is available on the ACI website:


Tanya Hazlewood
Manager, Nutrition Network
02 9464 4635

Chris Shipway
Director, Primary Care and Chronic Services
02 9464 4603

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Tanya Hazlewood
Manager, Nutrition Network
02 9464 4635