Rural Health Network


  • To provide a co-ordinated approach to the implementation of models of care and innovation for rural communities, including the use of technology; 
  • To develop, share and showcase innovative rural ‘working’ models of care; 
  • To work collaboratively with Local Health Districts (LHDs) and the Ministerial Advisory Committee in improving rural health-service delivery.


To support rural and remote clinicians and provide co-ordination between ACI, health service providers and consumers in rural areas to inform and drive improved access and quality of health services in rural areas.


The Rural Health Network has been established in recognition of the need for a co-ordinated approach involving rural health service providers and consumers, to identify, review and monitor the appropriateness of models of care (including access through technology) for potential implementation across rural and remote settings.

ACI and the Rural Health Network are collaborative bodies that work in partnership with LHDs, consumers and other rural health service providers to provide advice to the Rural Health Priority Unit and the NSW Ministry of Health. This advice informs development of policy, models of care and clinical pathways for rural communities.


Provision of health services in rural areas face challenges due to geographic, workforce and resource restraints.

Facilities are smaller and have less infrastructure; there are less locally available specialists, and a higher dependency on primary-care services.

In October 2012, the NSW Government announced the establishment of a Ministerial Advisory Committee for Rural Health within the NSW Ministry of Health to ensure that the unique needs of rural communities are heard, and that rural health policies are both monitored and evaluated. Visit the NSW Ministry of Health - Rural Health website for more information.


  • Hunter New England Local Health District
  • Southern NSW  Local Health District
  • Western NSW Local Health District
  • North Coast NSW Local Health District
  • Mid North Coast NSW Local Health District
  • Murrumbidgee Local Health District
  • Far Western NSW Local Health District
  • HETI
  • CEC
  • ACI Clinical Networks and Taskforces
  • Ambulance NSW
  • North Coast Medicare Local
  • Consumers NSW
  • Ministry of Health
  • Health System Planning and Investment Branch – Rural Health 
  • HealthShare Support Services – rural e-health subcommittee
  • Statewide and Rural Capital Service Planning Branch

Key Dates

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites


How will the initiatives be evaluated:

  • Numbers attending workshops and symposiums
  • Post-event evaluation – how lessons learned can be translated into practice
  • Numbers of networks established
  • Numbers of projects loaded onto ARCHI
  • Usage of ARCHI as a central repository.

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Jenny Preece
Rural Health Network Manager
02 6692 7716

Raj Verma
Director, Clinical Program Design and Implementation
02 9464 4605

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