The Nutrition and Mental Health Toolkit


The purpose of the toolkit is to provide guidance, tools and resources to support the:

  • Implementation of the Nutrition Standards for Consumers of Inpatient Mental Health Services in NSW, and
  • Development of governance structures and leadership for implementing the NSW Health Nutrition Care Policy (PD2011_78).


The toolkit will assist LHDs / Networks and/or facilities in both developing and implementing an action plan to meet the requirements of the Nutrition Standards and Nutrition Care Policy. It may assist in developing food service partnership level agreements. 


The Toolkit contains information and practical tools and resources such as implementation checklists, a tool that maps the Nutrition Care Policy to accreditation requirements, meeting templates, spreadsheets for designing menus and presentation slides. 


The NSW Health Nutrition Care Policy directive (PD2011_78) released in December 2011 sets out the NSW Health framework for a strategic and coordinated approach to nutrition care and support from admission to transfer of care.

The ACI Nutrition Standards for Consumers of Inpatient Mental Health Services in NSW (“the Nutrition Standards”) were launched in October 2013 by the Minister for Mental Health. The Nutrition Standards are appropriate for most adults and older adolescents in mental health facilities, including those who are overweight/obese or nutritionally at-risk, due to over-or under-nutrition.


Key Dates

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites


Evaluation is planned for 2018.

Further Details


Tanya Hazlewood
Network Manager - Nutrition
02 9464 4635

Chris Shipway
Director, Primary Care and Chronic Services
02 9464 4603

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Tanya Hazlewood
Network Manager - Nutrition
02 9464 4635