Toolkit for Adolescents and young people with chronic pain: Supporting transition or direct entry to adult services


To develop a statewide toolkit of resources to assist pain clinics managing adolescents and young people aged 14-25 years with chronic and complex pain. The toolkit will supplement what already exists in the Transition Network with tailored resources specific to pain management and issues for young people and their families.


  • The experience of young people entering adult services will be assisted by having age appropriate treatments, approaches and resources available.
  • The transition process will be enhanced through the availability of checklists and other resources relevant to young people.


A toolkit was developed to improve the experience for young people who enter adult pain services; specifically to assist in maintaining engagement in the service. The target audience is adult and paediatric pain services. Each pain clinic has received a hard copy manual.

Service models must be modified to meet the needs of special populations and young people are a particularly vulnerable group who require specific support.

There are three sections to the toolkit: for adult services, for paediatric services, resources for adolescents. The toolkit can be downloaded from the website in full or in sections.


Young people with chronic pain frequently disengage from adult pain services or become lost to follow up. The service model needs to be modified to better meet the needs of young people. A working group developed the toolkit over 18 months in collaboration with a number of consumers to identify key factors that are important  to consider when a young person accesses an adult service. The resources were developed to build upon upon what already exists through the Trapeze organisation.


Key Dates

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites

All 19 NSW pain clinics.


Evaluation will occur in 2017. Audit data will be collected and feedback requested regarding implementation benefits.

Related Initiatives

The release of the Painbytes website.

Further Details


Jenni Johnson
Manager, Pain Management Network
02 9464 4636

Chris Shipway
Director, Primary Care and Chronic Services
02 9464 4603

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Jenni Johnson
Manager, Pain Management Network
02 9464 4636