LBVC Program

The Leading Better Value Care (LBVC) program seeks to identify and implement opportunities for delivering value based healthcare to the people of New South Wales. Thirteen clinical initiatives, supported either by the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) or the Cancer Institute NSW (CINSW) introduce new or improved models of care for:

  1. Management of Osteoarthritis (ACI)
  2. Osteoporotic Refracture Prevention (ACI)
  3. Diabetes High Risk Foot Services (ACI)
  4. Inpatient Management of Diabetes Mellitus (ACI)
  5. Management of Chronic Heart Failure (ACI)
  6. Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (ACI)
  7. Renal Supportive Care (End Stage Kidney Disease) (ACI)
  8. Falls in Hospitals (CEC)
  9. Bronchiolitis (ACI)
  10. Hip Fracture Care (ACI)
  11. Direct Access Colonoscopy (CINSW)
  12. Hypofractionated radiotherapy for early stage breast cancer (CINSW)
  13. Chronic Wound Management (ACI)

The clinical initiatives use the best available evidence and data to implement solutions and builds on the work of Clinicians, NSW Health pillars, Local Health Districts, Specialty Health Networks and the NSW Ministry of Health.

The ACI takes a multi-modal approach in supporting the NSW Health system to develop and implement the changes identified under the LBVC program. These supports include audit, quality improvement, change management, project management and implementation guidance.

Last updated: 27 Jan 2021

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