Patient Reported Measures

Patient Reported Measures (PRMs) are a critical component in supporting Leading Better Value Care across NSW; shifting our focus from measuring just volume to measuring value – value in terms of the outcomes and experiences that matter to patients.

Patient Reported Measures have two key components; Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs).

PROMs capture a person’s perception about how illness or care impacts on their health and wellbeing.

PREMs capture a person’s perception of their experiences with health care or services.

Direct and timely feedback to healthcare providers about patient reported health outcomes and experiences of care will help to drive improvement in care delivery, quality and safety, and to facilitate the integration of health care across NSW.

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) PRMs Program will be providing education and training to all LBVC clinical priority areas across each Local Health District/Specialty Network in regards to: a variety of workshops including exploring concepts of PRMs, patient journey mapping, appropriate selection and use of question sets & use of data, capability training, implementation support of PRMs, and also the PRMs IT solution (Health Outcomes and Patient Experience (HOPE)).

The PRMs Program is currently working across the clinical priorities to determine the appropriate and logical collection and use of PROMs and PREMs, this piece of work is expected to be completed by late April 2018. Correspondence will be sent out through LBVC leads at each site asking for feedback.

The PROMIS 29 (generic Quality of Life tool) is being recommended across care settings and clinical priority areas as the core PROM (with the exception of Renal Supportive Care- who will continue to utilise EQ-5D); it is important to note that the clinical initiatives will have their own condition-specific PROMs, this will be included in the above mentioned correspondence to LBVC leads.

Alongside the core PROM feedback will be sought on PREMs for the purposes of real time feedback to drive local service improvement and quality improvement activities.

While it is important that measures are collected and compared over time to determine if a person’s health outcome has been achieved, the collection and use of PROMS may vary depending upon clinical condition and care setting.

Core Documents

For more information about PRMs, including types of measures, HOPE, how they are collected and used, and how it relates to Leading Better Value Care, refer to the ACI website.


Patient Reported Measures - Fact Sheet

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